Juneau to Skagway on Wings of Alaska

It’s a tiny plane. You have to give your weight to the desk agent. I wrote it down on my phone and showed it to her, thank you very much.

The Wings of Alaska charter pilot stuck his head into the cabin to give the safety briefing, which included info about how to use the sick bags.  (“Have good aim, and take the bag with you when you leave the plane.”) I wasn’t worried as the weather was basically fine, and I’m not prone to air sickness.

Then it’s 80 miles up the Lynn Canal to Skagway, which is not a canal at all but an inlet, or a fjord, and the deepest in North America. It’s not high altitude, and the view out the window is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen, even though, as you’ll see, I was right under the wing.

Skagway to Juneau

[All photos courtesy of my iPhone in airplane mode. Safety first!]

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