There’s a Roach on Your Dress and You Like It


I love a vivid green, I love jewelery, and I’m seriously freaked out by bugs. So this particular exhibit at The Fountainhead Collection in Fairbanks, Alaska, created serious cognitive dissonance.

The Fountainhead Collection focuses on antique cars, but also display period fashion. This dress is from 1925, and the embellishments on the lapel are actually the carcasses of beetles from Borneo.  The full body of the beetle is on display beneath the hem. Here’s a closer look.

I’d never heard of this concept of wearing bugs on purpose –if a bug lands on me, I’m just this side of hysterical at absolute best — but it’s something that has a long history.

In fact, there have periodically been moments where women wore live insects. Evidently it dates back to the Mayans, but a few years ago, a “roach brooch” became trendy. It involved decorating the body of a Giant Hissing Madagascar Cockroach with Swarovski crystals, attaching it to a leash and wearing it.  It crawls on you. You keep it in an aquarium when you’re not wearing it. The brooch lives for about a year.

I don’t know if you can continue to wear it after it dies.

I also don’t know when I will stop cringing.

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