The Perceptive Travel Blog and Perceptive Travel Webzine are both part of the Al Centro Media Network, run by Tim Leffel.

He edits both, but is more hands-on with the monthly webzine than the blog. For advertising inquiries, see the ad rates here and then contact him at editor [at] Please note that neither the webzine nor blog accepts sponsored posts, advertorial, ad links mixed with content, etc. So don’t waste our time by pitching those.

For editorial inquiries about the webzine, see the writers guidelines here then contact Tim Leffel at the same address.

The blog has several regular contributors and almost never accepts outside posts. All writers make their own editorial decisions on what to cover or review, but understand that this is not a news site: nearly everything published is based on first-person experience. We do allow media hosting, so press trip invites and the like can be directed to the editor or the individual writers. Press releases are almost never of any use to any of us though, so refrain from adding anyone to your media list without prior permission.

You can contact the individual writers at these e-mail addresses and see more about their beat on the About Us page.

Kerry Dexter (US South/Ireland/Scotland/Canada) – riosur [at]

Mike Gerrard (Arizona/England) – mgwrite [at]

Liz Lewis (New Zealand) – daytonlewis [at]

Sheila Scarborough (Texas) – sheila [at]

Brian Spencer (Singapore) – bbspencer [at]

Kristin Winet (Tucson) – kristin [at]

Chantae Reden (Fiji/Western Australia) – chantae [at]

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