Knocked my socks off: Riverwind Casino Hotel

Riverwind Casino near Norman OK (courtesy Definitive HDR at Flickr CC)Right on the Wikipedia page for “People Who Don’t Like Casinos” is a picture of my face.

Really, they are simply not my thing.

I don’t get it.

One time, I played nickel slots in Atlantic City….hadn’t won anything after I put in 25 cents, so I stood up and declared that I was done.  It was too painful and stupid to keep putting money in a box for no apparent reason.

So, when I needed a hotel during a road trip through the Oklahoma City area, the LAST place on my list to consider was the hulking neon Riverwind Casino Hotel behemoth about three miles south of Norman (where I had a meeting the next morning.)

Riverwind is one of the many Chickasaw Nation casinos and gaming centers.

Thanks to a wreck on the Interstate right by the casino entrance, however, I was trapped and couldn’t investigate anywhere else, so I wormed my way out of traffic, parked and walked in to see about a room.

Wow, what a nice place!

The casino is slightly separated from the hotel building, and while you do have to go through there to get to the restaurants, it’s no smokier or noisier than any other casino.

The hotel, on the other hand, was quiet and felt rather plush, the staff was very friendly and efficient, and the room was a lot more upscale than I’d expected.

That bed? I could hardly haul myself out of that bed the next morning. Com-FY.

Free parking, a voucher for free breakfast, juice/coffee/tea always available in the lobby (plus fresh cookies!) and yes,  free and fast WiFi in a room full of plugs to charge my blogging gear.


I’d stay there again in a minute, and will quit turning up my nose at casino hotels.  The bill came to about US$100 – not far out of line for midlevel chain lodging along that part of the Interstate in Oklahoma.

Are there any casino hotels that you would recommend? Please let us know down in the comments.

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