Liz Lewis is a freelance travel, health, and lifestyle writer. Having lived various places in the world (Hawaii, Crete, California, Germany, and Saudi Arabia), Liz now resides in New Zealand.

But living in such a remote location has not stopped Liz from continuing to roam the world (real and cyperspace) in search of new and exciting adventures to experience and document.

When it comes to travel, ‘eco tourism‘, ‘soft adventure’ and ‘luxury’ are key words for Liz. Don’t suggest bungy jumping or mountain climbing. Instead, suggest wine tasting, food markets, and cultural activities.

Liz has also written about green issues at Ecosalon, offbeat medical issues at Healthbolt, writes about the ins and outs of travel writing at Write to Travel, and is in the process of developing The Green Wine Guide.

Do stop by and say hello.