The pine forests of north Florida, the quiet in the mountains in County Down, the murals of Derry, the mix and clash of cultures that make up the southwestern United States, the crash of surf and the turn of autumn leaves on Cape Breton, voices raised in after midnight singing sessions in Glasgow, in Calgary, in Nashville, and in Boston, the colors of sunrise in the Western Isles of Scotland: all of these inform Kerry Dexter’s work as much as her academic and professional background in arts, humanities, and history.

Kerry has been contributing editor for folk and blues music at, and contributing editor for folk, Americana, and world music at Barnes & Noble online. For seventeen years she was a senior contributor to the legendary folk and world music print magazine Dirty Linen, and her writing and photography have appeared in National Geographic Traveler, Strings, Symphony, Wandering Educators, the Encyclopedia of Ireland and the Americas, and other print, electronic, and broadcast media. Her blog Music Road is a five time nominee for top music, arts, and culture blog at the Irish Blog Awards, and her post Irish music, Irish landscape was recognized as among the top ten best posts across all categories. She is researching a book on Irish and Irish American songwriters, and writing chapters for books on music and travel in Ireland.