Baby on my back: hiking near home in upstate New YorkWhen Antonia Malchik was fifteen, her parents removed her from Montana, dropped her on the streets of Soviet Moscow and said, “Don’t get lost.” Since then she has worked as a church secretary in Vienna, an IT journalist in Australia, and a barista in Russia, and has managed to get solidly lost everywhere she travels.

Finding her place with maps and the help of locals has determined the direction of her writing: Antonia Malchik focuses not on the movement or adventure of travel, but on the character of place. She has written about a small coffee roasting business in Moscow, hiking at dawn in the Australian Outback, the uneasy adjustment of a Montana native living in Boston and New York, and satisfying book addictions in London. Her new motto is, “Have baby, will travel.”

Antonia Malchik has published essays in the Boston Globe, The Walrus, The Vancouver Courier, Jabberwock Review, and Go World Travel, among other publications, and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. You can read all her essays on her Web site. She also co-writes the blog Pooplosophy: Mothers with Brains. You can follow her on Twitter: @amalchik.