Happy New Year and Welcome to 2021

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to 2021. I didn’t do a lot of traveling last year, and I hope to change that this year.

There are two factors in life that I believe are of the highest importance. They are key reasons why I travel the world and learn as much as I do. These factors are truth and personal integrity.

Truth is what really is. It’s the exact time, place, arrangement and outcome. Truth doesn’t necessarily mean agreement. Everyone could agree on a lie, but that doesn’t make it true. For hundreds of years, we had false information agreed upon and accepted, like how the world was flat, how blood pooled within the body and was affected by the tides, etc.

The main reason why I travel is to find truth around the world. I grew up getting inspired to see other countries from books and movies. But then I got to Scotland and found that there was almost no truth to Braveheart beyond the name of the protagonist. In Albania, I found very little truth to the Albanian mafia mentioned in Taken. I was fascinated by the truth I found in the UAE that they were one of the safest countries. And in Iceland, the country was even more beautiful than The Secret Life of Walter Mitty could hope to portray.

Personal integrity is knowing what is true for you and having the courage to stand up for your own truth. What is true for you doesn’t have to be true for others, but having your own conviction on what you know is a very important trait to have.

Many years ago, I stopped listening to the media to get my facts. I prefer firsthand observation and knowledge. It’s not to say that media and journalists are all bad, but sometimes there are agendas which are not based on truth. If you’re an American, I’d highly recommend watching the TV show Newsroom on HBO, which depicts one incident after another when the media did not stick to the truth and had to admit their mistakes (or not).

A lot happened in 2020. A lot of information about what happened was passed around. Some of it had truth. Some of it aligned with your personal integrity and mine. Some of it didn’t.

Selfie in Northern Ireland

I plan to travel more in 2021, and I promise to pass along what I find to be true around the world. You never have to believe what I say. In fact, I would prefer that you travel as well and find out for yourself. I love inspiring others to explore and find their own truths.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you to think for yourself, discover your own truths, stick to your personal integrity, and pursue your dreams. Know what you know, but also be willing to accept other truths if you believe that they are true.

Happy New Year, and here’s to an amazing 2021 full of flourishing and prospering.

Happy New Year from Edinburgh

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