Walks in the Neighborhood: 7 Good Tips, 11 Great Stories

Perhaps your travels of late involve neighborhood walks.

There is much that can be learned with such walks.

Right now, for a number reasons my walks take place very early, before sunrise. It is both the safest and most quiet time to be out where I am just now. Although I enjoy seeing the stars on clear mornings, having my camera with me is not such a great idea.

That said, I decided I’d share with you photographs and ideas from neighborhood walks elsewhere I often make this time of year, and point you to several stories about walks my colleagues and I have done.

On one street or road or two or three, in a place you know well or only a little, there’s a lot to enjoy, if you take your time and pay attention as you walk.

Look for details.

cambridge star harvard street walk

Watch for history.

acorn street long view beacon hill walk

Ways people enjoy and celebrate the seasons, and ways seasons change, are good ways to enliven such walks.

Christmas tree in window winter Cambridge walk

Pause now and then, too.

mailbox Christmas Tallahassee, Florida walk

Take detours.

Think about what makes the neighborhood, or road, or view, or area, special

Ireland carlingford town copyright kerry dexter

What will you remember?

Mourne Mountains Northern Ireland

There’s a story I have done about Paul Salopek and his long walk, which by the time he is done will stretch from the Rift Valley in Ethiopia to Tierra del Fuego in Patagonia. Salopek invited, as he often does, that readers go out and walk in their own communities in order to know them better.

That is something my colleagues and I have often done Here is is a selection of stories I think you may enjoy.

Sheila explores the Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk in Austin. If your time in Austin was, like mine, some years back, you will remember this as part of the Town Lake Trail, where the Colorado River comes through town. There have been changes. Sheila is a great guide to past and present along the river.
When he was in Kiev, Skye took a walk on Landscape Alley. The art pieces and sculptures there are not what you’d expect.
Is this walk in Cape Town, South Africa, the most colorful walk in the world? Kristin has thoughts on that.
Sheila’s walk around downtown Pittsburgh included baseball, architecture, and other aspects of the city.
Antonia reflected on the Walkway over the Hudson in New York state.
Skye had a fine time, and came back with some fine pics too, from his walk around the streets of Ghent at night
If your walk takes the form of a hike, Chantae has good tips on hiking. If you’re new to walking or unsure of your fitness, this guide to walking for fitness from Prevention Magazine offers good ideas.

scotland hiker fort william copyright kerry dexter

Speaking of hikes, I introduced you to Scotland’s West Highland Way, and offered a guide to exploring Hadrian’s Wall.

University of Glasgow Scotland
I’ve also introduced you to quieter places. Walking through the older part of the campus at the University of Glasgow is something I do often when I am in Glasgow, and nearby, there are quieter parts of Kelvingrove Park to explore.

Search on words to do with walking or hiking. or your favorite location, and see what good reads we have to offer. Let us know your favorite walks, too, and places you might like us to explore when we travel again.

Photographs by Kerry Dexter. Thank you for respecting copyright. Should you be wondering, they were made in Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts, Tallahassee, Florida, Carlingford, Ireland, Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland, Fort William, Scotland, and Glasgow, Scotland.

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