23 Stories To Dream On At Home Or On The Road

Dreaming, planning, anticipating, remembering, reflecting: all of those are part of travel.

They are all part of creating and sharing stories too. We are all storytellers here.
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We have a deep well of narrative which includes new perspectives on well known places, practical ideas for when it is time to travel again, off the beaten path places you may just be discovering through our stories. We write about books, music, and other media that will help you understand places you visit and perhaps inspire those visits, too.

I’ve many stories to yet tell you and much more to explore when we travel again. I expect my colleagues have many stories to tell they’ve not yet written here, and stories to come as well.

As I was reflecting on what to write for you at this moment, however, I was thinking about what we’ve already written. Dream Now Travel Later: I decided to point to stories you may have missed which offer a range of ways to uplift your spirits, whether you are traveling just now or staying in one place..

Herewith, stories of adventures, reflections, and ideas for many sorts of travel to fuel your travel reflections and dreams, and perhaps, to uplift your spirits as you Dream Now Travel Later.

texas license plate americana

Texas is a big place, and Shelia has written often about her travels across the Lone Star State. Not long ago she gather some of those stories together to guide you to her highlights for a west Texas road trip.

Tim took a different sort of adventure when he went flying off a cliff in Kyrgystan. Follow that link to learn how he did that and other thing about a country that may not yet be on your radar.

Vactoria Falls

Just thinking about a visit to Victoria Falls can be inspiring. Chantae has been to the falls, and brought back photographs as well as practical tips for when we travel again.

Speaking of practical tips, what could be more practical than food? Sheila found her perfect fried chicken, Tim as ever has craft beer tips, and I tell you about a place in Glasgow which serves up great food while serving needs of homeless folk.

social bite chicken coriander sandwich stories

Skye took a food tour which enlivened what he knew about the food of Poland .

Hunter Soup on the Krakow Food Tour

Kristin explored history and Harry Potter connections in Portugal.

I took you visit several of Scotland’s real standing stones, which will be of especial interest if you enjoy Outlander. I also took you into a place along the Freedom Trail in Boston which is not the building you think it is at first.

Tim found a museum that invites you to feel like a kid again, while Sheila explored rock n roll history in another. Alison had an encounter with space exploration in the American west.

stagecoach national postal mueum copyright k dexter

A visit to the US National Postal Museum sparked reflections on connections past and present from me too.

Mike learned about blues music history in Memphis, and I gave you seven ways to explore Scotland through music. The music of four artists who will help you know aspects of Ireland you haven’t explored is the subject of another story.

Kristin took high tea in British Columbia, while Skye enjoyed his riding on a specially designed bistro bus in Edinburgh.

Brian took a winter walk through the streets of Beijing. Sheila explored a historic neighborhood in Ohio. Skye found an engaging way to explore the streets of Ghent.

Uni Glasgow cloisters lights stories

I took you for a quiet walk through parts of the University of Glasgow campus you may not know.

Quiet in Glasgow and adventure in Kyrgystan, high tea in British Columbia and fried chicken Texas, blues in Memphis and Gaelic song in Scotland’s Highlands: may these ideas and stories connect with your travel dreams and travel memories, as you Dream Now Travel Later. Explore our archives for more, and stay with us as new stories unfold.

canada thanksgiving autumn boardwalk

Photograph of Victoria Falls by Chantae Redden; photograph of hunter soup in Poland by Skye Class.

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