Canada Dreams From British Coumbia To Nova Scotia

Canada: there’s so much to enjoy and explore in this vast country, from remote wild places to busy cities, from plain to mountain to coast.

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Exploration through dreams and imagination, travel through story and image and music are what is best at this writing. Here’s where to keep up with what Canada has to say to travelers.

Dreams and imagination roam free even when border crossings are limited, though. Stories to inspire your dreams of Canada:

How about a bike ride along part of the Veloroute des Bluets, the Blueberry Trail? Tim explored a section of the trail along Lac St. Jean in Quebec. It is in the Parc National de la Pointe-Taillon, a region where blueberries grow wild along the trail side. Tim met a moose along the way, too.

For music to go along with dreams of Quebec travel, learn about the group Le Vent du Nord .

Kristin’s Canada dreams took her to British Columbia. For part of the trip, she arrived by seaplane from Vancouver to have afternoon tea at The Grand Pacific Hotel in Victoria. There she found a tea service which brought together Asian and British influences, and included lemongrass tea along with vanilla bean scones.

Liz went wine tasting in the Okanagan Valley, while further east in Ontario, during one frosty winter visit, Brian learned about ice wines. You will learn a good bit about how ice wines are made in his story, too.

Rideau Canal Skateway at night with lights dreams

I offer a handful of ideas to get you started exploring Canada’s capital, Ottawa. Among them are skating on the Rideau Canal in winter, great museums and a few pubs to check out. and quiet places to reflect on your visit in a church and a park which both have stories of history to tell. Not to mention a place for great scones which has an intriguing name.

Speaking of museums, I’ve also got suggestions for four great Canadian museums to explore online, including one which is a collection of ways to visit many fo Canada’s smaller museums and historic sites. There’s great stuff to inspire dreams for the children in your life, too, with lesson plans, story trails, and many images. As with most sites in Canada, you can access these museum sites in English or French.

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French speaking communities and connections reach far beyond Quebec. The Maritime provinces of Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia have their own strong past and present of Acadian culture.

Maria Dunn tells of Canada’s immigrants from other places in her music and also sings stories drawn from the wisdom of Canada’s First Peoples. She is based in Alberta and her stories often come from the Rocky Mountain west.

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From those Rocky Mountains to the Laurentians, from the Yukon to Niagara Falls, from prairie to sea coast and city to village, the varied beauty of the country’s natural landscape is stuff to to fuel your dreams and memories. It comes into all our Canada stories in one way or another. Here’s an introduction to autumn across Canada’s landscapes.

Two things always come to mind about autumn in Canada. One is Thanksgiving, which comes in October.

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The Celtic Colours International Festival is the other thing that comes to mind.

It takes place all across Cape Breton, and there’s no better place to experience all sorts of the musics of Canada, especially the Gaelic and Celtic sort. In the autumn of 2020 it will be Celtic Colours at Home, so you will get the chance to experience the music and the community spirit for which the festival is known even while you’re at a distance. I’ll have more to tell you about that as plans unfold.

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Cape Breton Island has its own unique mix and meld of culture, and of music which arises from that.I offer you an online trip to Cape Breton, which is in Nova Scotia.

Winter is a great time to explore the stars and the night sky in Canada — that is fuel for dreams if even there was.

There are more stories of Canada to be found when you search our archive. We will have more stories to inspire your Canada dreams as seasons unfold, as well.

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