3 Ways To Learn From Your Travel Dreams

Dream now. Travel later.

Whatever your situation, that’s good advice. One of the best tools in current circumstances is patience.

travel dreams cinque terre

What can you learn from those travel dreams?

Dream, remember, reflect.

With our deep archive of stories, we can help with each of these ways of creating and learning from your travel dreams


Italy features in travel dreams of many. There are the well known places such as Florence, Rome, and Naples. Skye went off the beaten path to explore the waterfalls in Trento. He also found that there is much to explore in Verona beyond the Romeo and Juliet connection.

The American West fuels travels dreams too. Sheila offered a road map of places to check out on a west Texas road trip. Kristin found a petrified forest, a talkative ranger, and ancient petroglyphs in Arizona, while Mike followed the craft beer trail of his Arizona travel dreams, which took an unexpected turn.

santa fe new mexico blue door

I brought you another way to explore your travel dreams, in a story about the creative southwestern infused music of Tish Hinojosa.

Ireland often figures in travel dreams too, and a big part of that is music. I’ve told you about several pubs in different parts of Ireland where music is the focus, and introduced you to the work of Irish musicians as well.

Irleand musician mary black travel dreams

Dublin is often top of mind when people dream of Ireland: here’s a guide to seven things to do when you visit Dublin .

Two countries, one island, and landscape, language, and people inspire travel dreams, whether you read about Galway, Derry, Belfast, Cork, Donegal, Dingle,or places beyond all these.


Another way to learn from your travel dreams is to remember places you’ve been and experiences you’ve had, to think of people you met, to sort through your photographs, souvenirs, and memories.

child playing guitar travel dreams

That’s one thing Tim did to tell you about what he found to do in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan , from taking part in an adventurous family dinner to mountain trekking to flying off a cliff.

When Chantae went to Taveuni, Fiji, it was meant to be a relaxing time. As she likes adventure when she travels, though, it turned out…well, she turned her memories in a story that’s amusing while filling you in or the atmosphere of the place.

Food often brings back travel memories. Sheila put together family recollections and great new discoveries about fried chicken in Smithville, Texas.

Fried chicken in Smithville TX the search ends at Your Moms restaurant (photo by Sheila Scarborough)

The ultimate fried chicken is in Smithville, Texas at Your Mom’s (photo by Sheila Scarborough)

Skye continued to widen his knowledge of and appreciation for the food of Poland as he took part in a food tour of Krakow on a return visit to the city.

Mike found that farmers can help you understand and remember a place, too, as he recalls in his piece about meeting up with a couple who farm blueberries in Michigan.


Travel dreams, whether of future trips or past adventures, offer ideas that lead to reflection on community, connection, communication, and all sorts of things that go beyond travel and may help you with your travel dreams, as well.

Travel dreams with tea and boook

If you are open to it, travel can teach you about spiritual reflection, perhaps from traditions you may not have been familiar with. Chantae explores this in her primer on how you will encounter Hinduism in Bali.

Liz considers contrasts as she reflects in her visits to Muscat and Dubai. Sheila thinks about lessons of history as she visits the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis .

seamus heaney harvest ireland poetry

I’ve taken you along for a visit to an exhibit about one of Ireland’s best loved poets, whose work deals with the dark and light of the island’s stories, and to three churches in Ireland whose stones hold history.

Dark and light: that’s another way to reflect. We’ve told you of ways and places to look up at the stars in Canada, Scotland, Scotland, New Zealand, Texas,. and beyond.

Star pub sign, Scotland

These are a few of the ways we can help you dream now and travel later. The arts of all sorts are good companions for this as well. I’ll be pointing you to some ideas about that in a future story.

May all be well with you through these changing times.

Explore our archives for good reading, and stay with us as we continue to bring you stories to fuel your travel dreams.

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