Happy 12th Birthday to Perceptive Travel Blog

Cake for Perceptive Travel Blog birthday (photo courtesy Dark Dwarf on Flickr Creative Commons)

Cake for everyone! It’s Perceptive Travel Blog’s birthday (photo courtesy Dark Dwarf on Flickr Creative Commons)

Really, where did a decade-plus go?!

On this day in March 2007, we launched this group travel blog as part of the Perceptive Travel webzine, so that you could come here for something different in travel writing.

Said editor Tim Leffel,

Perceptive Travel set out to be a different kind of webzine, one that ignored ‘the rules’ of online publishing and put out quality narrative writing by creative book authors. In turn I wanted the blog to be different too: instead of joining the sea of top-10 list posts, ‘best beaches,’ and other disposable travel writing fare, we set out to focus on quirky places and stories that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.”

We’re very proud of our consistency and longevity despite blogging team members coming and going as the years roll on, to say nothing of honors like the SATW (Society of American Travel Writers) Lowell Thomas Gold Award for best travel blog.

It is worth mentioning here in 2019 that we still feel quite relevant publishing as a blog, despite the explosion of other social media platforms and online communications tools (although sure, we’re on Facebook and Twitter, and would love to see you there, too.)

No, a blog like this one is not the Victrola of online travel writing. 😃

We like it because we control it, no matter what Facebook or YouTube or Twitter or Instagram, etc., etc., are doing. Earlier this month, both Facebook and Instagram were down hard for a whole day (Facebook owns Instagram) and we were perfectly happy here on our own online real estate, not subject to the whims of Mr. Zuckerberg.

One of our fellow travel bloggers captured that sentiment in a tweet (ironically) …

Thanks so much to you, our readers and supporters, who are along for the ride. May we have many more years of stories you won’t find anywhere else.

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