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It is a time for making plans, for making resolutions, for setting goals — and for seeking inspiration for doing all those things. As you are doing that, we are here to help out with stories of places you want to return to, places you have not yet been, and ways to enjoy travel even if this is a season that finds you staying close to home base.

paris path travel inspiration

Enjoy these stories for travel inspiration:

If adventure is on your list of travel styles, then you’ll want to check out what Chantae has to tell you about diving with one of the sea’s most feared creatures in a way that’s safe, ethical, and yes, inspiring.

On dry land, Skye will tell you about zip lining through the trees near Edinburgh. Tim has the lowdown on jumping off a cliff and flying through the air in Kyrgyzstan — something he never thought he do in a country that had not been on his radar to visit. Sheila was headed to the Middle East when she wrote up her tips on what to think about if you will be going to dangerous places in uncertain times, and they are still timely, and useful in other parts of the world.

Food is likely a way you find inspiration in travel. Tim has ideas on why taking a food focused tour can be a great way to learn about a city. Sheila shares inspiration she received by attending — and cooking – her way through a workshop on food history in Texas. Skye may get you to try the best food he found in Romania, and Sheila has thoughts on finding authentic food in Main Street towns in the US. Jennifer goes off the beaten path in Estonia to discover delicious cuisine inspiration. Brian wrote a series on what to eat in Bangkok, and tells of an unusual place to find good food in Tokyo.

indian street food chetna makan

We’ve brought you travel inspiration though cookbooks, too. I’ve introduced you to Chetna Makan’s explorations of the street food of India and Imen McDonnell’s funny stories and great recipes as she became part of an Irish farm family. Sheila introduced you to the idea of New England church suppers, and their cookbooks.

Speaking of cookbooks — books and reading are great ways to increase your travel inspiration. So are music, theater, and all the arts, really. We’ve got a treasure trove of experiences for you in our ongoing stories and in our archive. Just a few of those: Skye went to the theater in one of the world’s best places to do that: London’s West End. Read his moving. story and it just might inspire you find a live theater production nearby — or to book a ticket to London.

london thatre audience travel inspiration

I invited you along to explore the work of one of Scotland’s greatest architects and artists in his hometown of Glasgow. Jennifer came upon Art Nouveau connections in North Africa. Alison discovered unexpected beauty in Connecticut. I let you in on the creativity of four Irish musicians you may not know, two gifted First nations musicians, and one of the best singers in Scotland.

Bringing you to places you have not been and helping you see familiar places in new ways are cornerstones of what we do here. We’ve taken you to festivals, to museums, and to places famous and not famous. Kristin found a Harry Potter connection in Portugal. Jennifer has stories about the cats of Dubrovnik. Skye took a close look at those iconic Dutch windmills. I’ve taught you some things about exploring the night skies in the US, Canada, Ireland, and Scotland. Liz explored lesser known film locations in New Zealand. Sheila invited you to see Pittsburgh from the water, and along on a summer evening walk in Philadelphia.

Pittsburgh from the water rowing Gateway cruise (photo by Sheila Scarborough)

You’ll see plenty of people enjoying water sports like rowing when you take a Pittsburgh Gateway cruise (photo by Sheila Scarborough)

All this is to help you find your own travel inspiration, and to open doorways you might not have known. We love sharing our stories with you, and on occasions such as this one, reminding you about some of the gems you will find in our more than a decade of archives, too. We invite you to explore that archive, and to stay with us as your — and our — travels unfold.

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