The American Southwest: Travels and Stories

The American southwest: a land of high desert, rushing river, Native tribes, cowboys, ranchers, city dwellers, deep canyons, quiet forest,  and high mountains The American southwest is a landscape that has fascinated tourist and traveler for centuries, really, and continues to do so.
We’ve written a good bit about the American southwest here at Perceptive Travel. I am going to be doing an occasional series looking at gems from our archives to share with you, and I’ve decided to begin with a selection of our stories on the American southwest.

chile ristras new mexico

Kristin went to Arizona and explored the unusual landscapes of the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest. She heard the stories of the ancient trees and their geology told by an enthusiastic ranger, too.

Speaking of old: the caldera of an ancient volcano  in a lesser known national park surprised Sheila as she was on a road trip. Later she explored the varied aspects of Bandelier National Monument.  
We’ve visited cities in the American southwest, too.

santa fe new mexico blue door
Tim tried Native American food at the Harvest Café at the Pueblo Indian Cultural Center in Albuquerque and learned a bit about its story. New Zealander Liz spent thirty six hours in Tucson, with lots of coffee, a mariachi band at mass, and just enough exploring to whet her appetite for learning more. Neighborhood walks, art galleries, museums, and the best vegetarian restaurant in Santa Fe are things about the City Different I help you explore, whether your stay is short or long. 

Christmas Lights Farolitos Santa fe New Mexico Las Posadas

City and countryside, the American southwest has its own special holiday traditions. It is a  magical place to be at Christmas time. I tell you a bit about the celebration of Las Posadas in different southwestern places.

lantern las posadas christmas
Used to be I spent a good bit of time in northern New Mexico in autumn and winter, in the crossroads town of Taos. Explore the balloon Fiesta in Taos and a bit about the history of this classic northern New Mexico town and its adjacent pueblo, one of the oldest place humans have lived in North America.
Mike followed his interests in brewing and looked into the craft beer scene of the American southwest. Beer made from beets? Mike has the story of this Arizona made brew.
 Alison took in yet a different aspect of the American southwest. She stopped by to view the giant radio telescopes of the Very Large Array (remember the movie Contact?). Space, too is part of the history of the American southwest. So are ghost towns. Alison visited to one of those, too, and shared a thoughtful reflection.

Music has to be part of travel in the American southwest. We have guided you to some of the best. Gretchen Peters (along with Barry Walsh and Tom Russell) share contemporary cowboy songs with twists you may not expect.

cowboy hat boots by Raventhorne

Tish Hinojosa began her work as a songwriter in northern New Mexico. The landscapes of that place and her experiences as a first generation Mexican American in the southwest continue to fuel her work.  

sunset- american southwest new mexico

This is only a part of what we’ve explored in the American southwest. We’ve taken you with us to many other places, too, from hiking in Bulgaria to ziplining in Scotland to exploring music on Cape Breton to learning how to cook historic recipes in Texas to…well, you get the idea. Stay with us for more adventures.

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