Choosing the Right Cafes in Edinburgh: Are You a Dog or a Cat Person?

Cafes in Edinburgh

Headed to Edinburgh and looking for a fun activity, possibly one that’s out of the wind and rain? It might come down to whether you’re a dog person or a cat person. There are now cafes in Edinburgh for each.

Maison de Moggy Cat Cafe

Located on the Grassmarket just a couple minutes from Edinburgh Castle, Maison de Moggy is Edinburgh’s first and only cat cafe. With over a dozen felines to visit, it’s a perfect haven for cat-lovers looking for a place to relax for an hour. Some of the highlights include two Bengal cats, a beautiful white Chinchilla Persian and Elodie – the hairless Sphinx.

Maison de Moggy Cat Cafe

The cafe offers a wide selection of homemade cakes and hot drinks to enjoy while you mingle with the cats. Just make sure you keep your cake away from Elodie. It’s her favorite food and, although it will make her sick, she’ll jump on the table or your shoulder to get a bite.

Maison de Moggy is located at 17-19 West Port. They are open seven days a week from 10:45 am to 6:30 pm, with six one-hour slots available to play with the cats. The fee is now £8 ($11.25) for the hour. I’d recommend booking well in advance, as this place does fill up!

Bengal at Cat Cafe

Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe

Opening in December 2017, Edinburgh’s Chihuahua Cafe not only became the first dog cafe in Scotland and the second in the UK, but also the first all-chihuahua cafe in the world. Tanya wanted to share the love she receives from her eight chihuahuas with everyone, and thus launched the cafe in Edinburgh’s New Town. For £10 ($14) an hour, you can play with the rambunctious puppies.

Tanya with Chihuahuas

While drinks and cakes are also available, chances are you will be too busy playing with the dogs to think of food. Cats might like to spend the day napping, but chihuahuas are more likely going to want to play fetch with you, jump on your lap for a scratch behind the ears or let you feed them treats (especially on their birthdays).

The cafe is located at 15 Frederick St above the Boozy Cow Restaurant. There are seven 50-minute sessions available from Thursday to Monday (Tuesday and Wednesday are the dogs’ days off). You also have the option of booking a double session (available for the 10:00, 12:30 and 15:00 slots) which will also give you a chance to have the dogs to yourself during the 10-minute transition period. Walk-ins are accepted at the beginning of each session if space is available.

Chihuahua Cafe Dog

Cafes in Edinburgh

If you’re allergic to cats and dogs, there are still plenty of cafes in Edinburgh for you to enjoy. Visit Spoon (not the falsely-advertised Elephant House Cafe) to see where J. K. Rowling worked on Harry Potter, enjoy some of the world’s best coffee at Brew Lab, or sip some homemade Chai at Filament Coffee. Whether you prefer espresso, tea or a soy matcha latte, Edinburgh has it all.

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