Christmas Journeys

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It is Christmas.

Christmas in a year which has been, and continues to be, challenging, unsettling, disturbing in many ways.

Whether Christmas is part of your faith story or not, it is one of the world’s great celebrations. The messages of Christmas are based in hope, renewal, trust, love, forgiveness, and joy.

Holiday gift star Christmas

All of those things are present in and part of travel, as well. That is especially true of the sort of travel we share with you here, stories which go beyond the surface, inviting you to places you may not have thought about and asking you to see familiar places from new angles.

british-columbia night sky stars canada

Travel through geography or through imagination — or, in the best situations, through both — and learn of reasons to be hopeful in a world, at a time that might suggest that hope is dim, as we revisit a selection of our seasonal stories.

We’ve invited you to a range of winter celebrations across the years. There’s been a winter walk in Beijing and pictures of celebrations in Bangkok. We’ve shown you the official Christmas tree of Texas by the state capitol in Austin, and introduced you to Christmas music from Texas musicians as a soundtrack to go along

We’ve shared ideas for holiday gifts from practical gadgets to books to music. We’ve considered the best gifts of all, time to think and quiet memories of doing just that.

We’ve taken you to Christmas markets across central Europe, the Highlands and islands of Scotland, in a cave in the Netherlands, in Edinburgh’s city center , and across the whole island of Ireland.

christmas-market- frankfurt am main germany

We’ve walked with Las Posadas processions retracing the journey of Mary and Joseph in the American southwest, celebrated the Christmas Celtic Sojourn tradition of concerts in New England , and followed a holiday cookie trail through Indiana.

christams wreath blue shutters country rustic

We’ve let you in on the history of Christmas wreaths and shared experiences of Christmas in Ireland and given you ideas on what you might expect should you be traveling in Ireland at the holiday — including an insider tip on where Santa Claus first sets foot in Ireland.

Always, there is music. Much well known seasonal music takes note of dark and light, of times when renewal of hope is most welcomed and needed. Here is one, to join in your holiday celebrations. You may find it recorded on the album Fine Winter’s Night, from Matt and Shannon Heaton.

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