Exploring Ireland: Travels in History, Story, Art, Legend

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. He is celebrated especially on 17 March. As 17 March approaches and as memories of the day linger, people across the world turn their thoughts to Ireland.

Ireland — it is a country of dreams, a country of legend, myth, music, history, story. It is country that tops many a traveler’s dream list of places to visit. It is place which people often plan to revisit once they have been there. It is also an island of two twenty first century countries, each with its own challenges, and each negotiating challenges which they share.

ireland from space

We’ve explored many aspects of Ireland across the years, here at Perceptive Travel. Join us on the journey…

To several of Ireland’s most visited places

To Glendalough, as Becky Garrison shares her pilgrimage

As Skye Class explores sites and landscapes which have played a part in the filming of Game of Thrones

When I suggest visiting Vikings and eating fish and chips as experiences to have on your first (or subsequent, for that matter) visit to Dublin

viking dublin copyright Kerry Dexter

and a look at the beginnings of the Titanic Quarter in Belfast

Going into history, and exploring art

Following the footsteps of Saint Patrick in counties Antrim, Armagh, and Down

Looking at a troubled time in the history of Ireland through art: the murals in Derry
Speaking of art, journey with Ireland’s most famous painter, Jack Yates

Read up: A memoir from top international singer Mary Black, a guide to roadtrips across the island, a book of poetry — Ireland: Travels in Five Books

King John's Castle County Louth Republic of Ireland copyright Kerry Dexter

I’ve led you to places off the beaten path — at times way off the beaten path — too. These include

Rathlin Island of the coast of Antrim, where legend lives along side present day, and Santa Claus visits

Inishowen in the far north of Donegal, where nature, history, and surfers meet

High in the Mourne mountains, the Mourne Wall has a story of its own

A crossroads in time at the market in Newry, Northern Ireland

Newry County Down Northern Ireland by Kerry Dexter

Then there’s the music, in festivals in Ireland itself and elsewhere, in kitchen parties, in pubs, concerts, and day to day life. One of the best ways to learn about Ireland, in my view, is to take time with the endless and varied aspects of Irish music. Two stories about hearing that music live

Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day in the musical pubs of Ireland, which is the first piece I wrote for Perceptive Travel — my audition piece, as it were.

An Evening in Belfast — with musician Cathie Ryan, a concert on the Falls Road.

Irish American musician Cathie Ryan, copyright Kerry Dexter

And this:
Ireland: the best thing to do.

There are many more stories in our archives, and more stories from the land of legends, saints, and scholars to come. Take a wander through our archives and stay with us here at Perceptive Travel as our journeys in Ireland and across the world continue…

cooley peninsula ireland copyright kerry dexter

Photograph of Ireland from space courtesy of Met Eireann. All other photographs by Kerry Dexter. Thank you for respecting copyright.

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