Why You Should Visit Sea Life Ocean World

After you visit all the temples and Buddhas in Bangkok, how about visiting the Sea Life aquarium in the center of town? Can you believe there’s an entire aquatic center underground with 1.5 billion gallons of water?!

Located beneath the Siam Paragon Shopping Mall, Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World opened in 2005. Unfortunately, unless you’ve been to Siam Paragon, there’s a good chance you never knew about the attraction.

Sea Life Ocean World Entrance

Although I had seen it myself in the mall, it didn’t register on me. It was only brought to my attention when the Tour Company Voyagin’ suggested that I go. I’m so glad that they did! Special: Get a 25% discount to Sea Life Ocean World when you book here with Voyagin’.

Sea Life Ocean World is a blend of aquatic museum and marine activity center. I had a little trepidation as I arrived, thinking it would only be applicable for kids. Verily, I saw herds of them corralled in when I was there (National Children’s Day might have had something to do with that). However, my fears were unfounded. I had just as much fun as the kids, and perhaps more so since the information displays were also written in English and thus I was able to get the knowledge side of the attraction as well.

Displays at Sea Life

One of the first activities is a fish-feeding boat tour. For a few minutes, you’re brought around the top of the aquarium in a glass-bottom boat to see the stingrays, fish and sharks. Toward the end, the guide will throw a few morsels into the water for the fish to battle over.

Glass Bottomed Feeding Boat

After that, there are dozens of tanks with all manner of ocean fauna. Frogs, eels, turtles, octopi, jellyfish, seahorses, you name it. And of course, lots and lots of fish. Puffer fish, Flowerhorn cichlid (the ones with a huge head), translucent fish and my personal favorite, lionfish with no known predators.

Lionfish at Sea Life

In the lower levels of the attraction, you can enjoy diving and shark feeding shows. Don’t worry, the sharks’ mouths are too small to endanger the humans. In fact, the whole attraction is mostly ecotourism friendly, which we learned about on the behind-the-scenes tour. If it wasn’t, my brother would have had a hard time with the attraction.

Sharks Being Fed at Sea Life

If you want to pay a little extra, you can even be one of the divers yourself. If you do, you become part of the attraction, visible from the tunnel running beneath the aquarium. That tunnel was probably the best part. It runs the length of the aquarium and you get to see all the fish, sharks and manta rays above you. Take your selfies, or just watch the thousands of creatures moving about.

Expect to take about three hours to get through the attraction. You don’t need to bring anything special, other than your camera. Grab your meals upstairs at the Siam Center Food Court. And don’t forget your 25% discount with Voyagin’.

Nemo at Sea Life Ocean World

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