Pastry Dreams Fulfilled at Pie Junkie OKC

Pie options at Pie Junkie in the Plaza District Oklahoma City (photo by Sheila Scarborough)

Pie options at Pie Junkie in the Plaza District, Oklahoma City (photo by Sheila Scarborough)

Travel inspiration has always come from a variety of sources – a tip from a friend, a magazine article, something on television, and of course more recently from social media.

I’m living proof that Twitter can bring you pie.

Here’s a screenshot of some tweets from 2013; a conversation between me, the Oklahoma City tourism folks, and a business that I’d found on Twitter but never visited … a pie shop in OKC called Pie Junkie.

Screenshot of good example of OKC CVB partner and follower interaction on Twitter with Pie Junkie

Talking pie on Twitter – the author, the Oklahoma City CVB, and Pie Junkie


I loved the sense of humor and appreciated that they were listening online – it’s a battle sometimes to get people to understand how important it is for businesses to respond on social media.

Years passed. I didn’t visit Oklahoma City all that often, and when I did go, I kept missing opportunities to get some of that pie. Clearly my priorities were not in order.

Finally, this past spring, I had time on my hands and a mission to do three things before leaving OKC after a conference: shop at a boutique that I’d been to before and liked, finally visit Pie Junkie, and pick up some Oklahoma craft beer at a liquor store that had a little more selection than the Hard To Find Liquor Store in tiny Ardmore OK (subject of a previous quest for a local delicacy.)

I drove over to the Plaza District on my way out of town, easily found Pie Junkie’s cute storefront, and walked in to a continuation of my Twitter conversation.

It was such fun to meet the staff in person and learn about all of the pies; some are always available, some are seasonal. I narrowed my choice down to Peach Blackberry Crumble, a Southern Banana Cream, or their Bird Dog Buttermilk chess-type pie made with Bird Dog Blackberry Whiskey.

The buttermilk won. I had a six hour drive ahead of me and needed something that would hold up.

Did my precious pie slice make it home, and did it taste good?

Burning the midnight oil with a slice of Bird Dog Buttermilk Pie from Pie Junkie OKC (photo by Sheila Scarborough)

Burning the midnight oil with a slice of Bird Dog Buttermilk Pie from Pie Junkie OKC (photo by Sheila Scarborough)


And yes.

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