Adding a Fitness Tracker to Your Travels

Fitbit Flex fitness tracker is also a good travel companion (photo by Sheila Scarborough)

My trusty Fitbit Flex fitness tracker is also a good travel companion (photo by Sheila Scarborough)

It’s become a favorite travel companion, and I certainly never expected that.

Two years ago, I picked up a Fitbit Flex fitness tracker. It’s one of those plastic bands with a little sensor that you wear on your wrist, and it measures steps taken throughout your day, estimated calories burned, hours of sleep (including how much of it was deep, restful sleep,) number of minutes when you are “active” based on heart rate, etc.

You can also manually log in exercise sessions, your weight, water consumed, and some other data.

The tracker has made me much more aware of how sedentary my life has become.

Sit, sit, sit in front of a computer, all day long.

Also, my sleep? Not getting nearly as much as I thought I was, and I function a lot better with a solid eight hours in bed.

But mostly, I sit. The step counter is daily evidence of that. I even dialed back my daily step goal from 10K to 8K, and I still have to be consciously up and out of the chair as I work, or I won’t get that satisfying vibration from the tracker that says I made it to my step goal.

Except for when I travel.

Not only do I look forward to travel because, hey, ADVENTURES; I now also look forward to it because I am so much more active when I’m on a trip. It’s a piece of cake to not only hit my step goal, but wildly exceed it.

Turns out that all of that schlepping through airports, train stations, and even conference centers on business trips is exactly what my body needs.

I’ve always walked a lot when I travel, but now with the tracker I am more aware of the lack of movement in my life, and it’s even more of a pleasure to be on a trip because I know that I’m doing something healthy for myself simply by traveling.

My husband, who also wears a tracker, says that he’s found himself taking hotel stairs a lot more often when he travels, “Especially when I see that I haven’t logged enough steps or activity that day. Awareness of the data has changed my behavior.”

Do you wear a tracker? Has it changed anything for you? Let us know in the comments….

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