Where Is the Rock in YOUR Town?

The round rock in Brushy Creek in Round Rock TX

The round rock in Brushy Creek in Round Rock, Texas, a landmark on the Chisholm Trail (photo by Sheila Scarborough)

We had guests over.

After a nice wood-fired pizza dinner at the perfectly-named Fire in the Hole on Main Street in our historic downtown, we spent time at sunset throwing rocks at a local creek, which also happens to contain a big landmark.

A rock.

A rock with its own plaque.

There really is a round rock in Round Rock, the fast-growing town where I live that is about 15 miles north of equally fast-growing Austin, Texas.

You can see it in the photo above, sitting in Brushy Creek as it has for centuries, including all the years that it was a marker on the historic cattle-driving Chisholm Trail. If the water was too high on the rock, you knew that it was a bad idea to make the cattle crossing that day.

This made me reflect once again on the importance of not growing lazy as a local, and forgetting the simple pleasures of the places that are right in your own town.

There are big bronze cattle sculptures leading down to the creek, and if the water’s low enough you can still see wagon ruts worn into the creek bed. Our guests enjoyed reading the historical plaque and wandering around the park area surrounding that part of Brushy Creek, and I think we all surprised ourselves by how much fun we had holding little skipping stone throwing contests and seeing who could hit a certain spot in the water with smaller rocks.

It was a fine way to end the day as we clambered back up to our car, passing a big family that was picnicking near the water and playing some tejano music just loudly enough to lend a festive atmosphere.

It wasn’t some big well-known landmark down in Austin, but it was enough for us that night.

Is there a small local place that you’ve grown to appreciate more over the years? What’s the rock in YOUR town? Let us know in the comments!

(For more about that town that’s a bit south of Round Rock, see my Austin Rocks series of posts by a local about things to do and see in Austin, Texas)

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