The Most Magnificent Cannoli

As a writer first and photographer second, I typically like to use my words to tell my stories and my images to work as my words’ cheerleaders. If I can’t find the words, I most likely haven’t spent enough time with my subject, my thoughts, or my ideas….

However, last week when I walked by Mike’s Pastries–a little spot nestled in Boston’s eclectic North End that, regrettably, I had never heard of before walking right by it–I immediately knew that my food writing skills were not up to the task and that I’d have to let my photos speak for me.

Mike’s Pastries, which as a business has over 3,000 Yelp reviews and nearly the same on TripAdvisor, is one of those places that once you’ve walked by, tasted the sweetness of their ricotta cheese and almond cannolis, there really aren’t words.


Enjoy my first-ever cannoli-tasting experience!




Article and photographs by Kristin Winet.


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