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It’s not just award season for music and movies. This is also the time of year when several “best travel writing” awards results come out. Perceptive Travel often gets a nod in these things and this year we scored a major one. The North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA) named us the Best Online Travel Magazine.

best online travel magazineSo excuse the self-congratulatory nature of this post, but we had to thank you the readers for, well, reading. We wouldn’t have stuck around for nearly a decade otherwise. Two years ago that organization gave us a Bronze, last year they gave us a Silver. Then the Society of American Travel Writers gave the blog a Gold and now this. Like fine wine or cheese, we’re getting better with age!

It doesn’t stop there either. One story of ours won a Silver as well: my The Other Side of the Yucatan. Plus I got a Gold for a Lonely Planet piece I did and our blogger Kristin scored in a few different categories for her freelance work. Frequent webzine contributors Darrin Duford and Anja Mutic pulled in prizes as well.

Best Travel Writing – Solas Awards

Best travel writingThe other announcement, just this weekend, was for the Solas Awards for narrative travel writing by the book publishing company Travelers’ Tales. Regulars Darrin Duford and James Michael Dorsey won multiple awards for their writing. Plus the following stories pulled directly from Perceptive Travel were recognized in one form or another:

The Horror Atop Panama’s Volcan Baru by Luke Armstrong

Dance of Betrayal in Nairobi by Camile Cusumano

Painting as Prayer by James Michael Dorsey

Questing the Sacred Maya Book by Mary Jo McConahay

The Other Side of the Yucatan by Tim Leffel

Death in the Afternoon by Beebe Bahrami

Publishing quirky stories about unheralded places is not the best way to get huge traffic numbers. Putting out strange narratives about Transnistia or Gozo with no “5 Top Ways to ____” or “Best 14 Places to _____” will not get us onto Buzzfeed or Upworthy on a regular basis. Or maybe ever.

But that’s okay. We think there are some people out there who want more than that, who like to dig a little deeper when they travel and not just read the same old descriptions about spots where 10,000 posted a selfie from last year. We’re glad there are readers like you in that minority: the kind of readers who have the patience to digest instead of skim, those who seek meaning and emotion instead of just doctored photos and self-absorbed diaries.

Every now and then we get confirmation that it’s all worthwhile, so thanks for indulging us in this virtual pat on our own backs. Soon we’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming. (Though “regular” might not be the right word…)

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