Resume Play: Christchurch goes cricket mad


Known as the most English of all New Zealand cities, images of the Christchurch of bygone years has been one of punting on the river, neo-gothic buildings, and cricket in the park.

Since the 2011 earthquakes nearly leveled the city, maimed river beds, and destroyed it’s internationally recognized cricket grounds, the only international cricket the locals saw was on television.

But this year, the International Cricket World Cup is coming to town and Christchurch has gone cricket mad.

Mostly, this is thanks to the newly developed Hagley Oval, complete with its neatly manicured cricket grounds, spectator friendly grassy banks, and a low-lying Hadlee Pavilion.  The Hagley Oval is seen by many as a sign that Christchurch is getting back on it’s feet and is open for business.

Of course, Christchurch isn’t the only city in New Zealand and Australia to host the 2015 Cricket World Cup but it’s the city that will start things off later this week.

A giant game of backyard cricket featuring local cricket teams and NZ cricketing heroes kicks of the 2015 World Cricket Opening Ceremony on February 12th .

Then two days later, on Valentine’s Day, the opening match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka gets underway.

There’s a dedicated Fanzone established in Victoria Square where those without tickets to the games can go and watch live big-screen coverage, join in on backyard cricket games, musical enterainment, and check out the food trucks.

From the Fanzone, a mapped out Fantrail heads down Worchester Boulavard, past the neo-gothic Art Center and Canterbury Museum and through the Botanic Gardens to the Hagley Oval. On each of the three match days that Christchurc h is hosting, the Fantrail will be alive with music, performances, and entertainment.

Want to learn more about Christchurch’s long history with the game of cricket and the regeneration of the city? Then check out RESUME PLAY

RESUME PLAY – A new era for cricket in post-earthquake Christchurch from Future Christchurch on Vimeo.

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