India, Iceland, and Italy in the April ’14 Issue

Old Delhi travel

In the latest issue of the Perceptive Travel monthly online magazine, we visit three I’s of travel that you often see on newsstand covers: India, Iceland, and Italy. They’re exotic, photogenic, and beguiling, but as usual we go look at them from a very different angle.

In India, Jim Johnston goes for a walk in the oldest part of Delhi and runs smack into the oldest problem in Delhi: serious poverty. Those lines next to big pots are not men waiting for post-closing leftovers. They’re waiting for some kind soul to pay for their meals. See Hunger and Privilege: Dinner in Old Delhi.

Luke Armstrong decides to rent a van for a group of travelers to go explore Iceland, starting off with a full-day drive from Reykjavík to Vik. He’s designated as the beast driver, even though he doesn’t really know how to drive a stick shift… See Learning How to Drive a Dinosaur in Iceland.

Italian marble mines

When Debi Goodwin visits Italy, her quest is not to ride a tourist canal boat in Venice or see 20 rooms of religious art in Florence. She wants to go see where all that Italian marble comes from, the statue of David to your hotel bathroom vanity. See Finding Italian Marble at Its Source: Carrara, Italy.

As always we run down some world music worth listening to, from a globalFEST compilation to classical music with a Turkish twinge, through the ears of Laurence Mitchell.

Susan Griffith reviews three new travel books: one from a legend, one from a shipping industry reporter, and one from…well, you decide.

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