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Old school wins out if you want to keep up with what we’re publishing: e-mail and RSS.

Facebook pay to playAs you may have noticed in your own Facebook feed, the default now is to list “most popular” posts instead of giving everyone you follow equal weight. To get around this, you have to change the tiny little sort button to “most recent.” This is Facebook’s way of telling you they know what’s best for you and what’s best for you is apparently more ads. Those show up just fine.

We love that you’re following us over there. But as a publisher, unless we follow their advice and pay them to show you the content we’re posting each week for free, you’re probably not going to see us in your feed.

We are on Twitter now too with a dedicated Perceptive Travel handle. Follow us @PerceptiveTrav. But of course Twitter is like live TV or radio in the days before DVRs and podcasts: you miss a posting and you’ve missed it.

Which brings us back to what we used to have in the days before social networks: RSS if you have a reader, RSS by e-mail, or good ole e-mail to your inbox. The first two are best for the blog, the e-mail newsletter is best for the webzine, which comes out monthly. A bonus on that monthly e-mail is that we are usually giving away a great travel gear item to one or more readers: hiking shoes, sunglasses, luggage, or travel pants, for instance. The odds are generally 30 or 40 to one—not too shabby compared to most any other contest you can enter. Sign up!

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