Perceptive Travel Blog Wins Gold (!!!) at the 2013 SATW Foundation Thomas Lowell Competition

2013 SATW Winner

We’re normally not ones to toot our own horn, so please excuse us for taking a moment to share a little (really) good news by way of Biloxi, Mississippi, where this week the winners of the 2013 SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas competition were announced.  This year’s contest drew more than 1,200 entries for 23 categories ranging from “Travel Magazines” and “Guidebook” to “Online Travel Journalism Sites” and “Travel Book,” and.. you know where we’re going with this, right?


All of us at the Perceptive Travel Blog are absolutely chuffed to take home the gold medal for “Travel Blog,” and to share the stage with an impressive list of talented peers that includes Roads & Kingdoms, AFAR Magazine, Travel + Leisure, Virtuoso Life, and many others. The full list of this year’s winners is here; congrats everyone!

Judges from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Journalism and Mass Communication had some rather kind words for us in their post-awards comments:

“The voices of the Perceptive Travel Blog’s several contributors hang together like a chorus, offering a compelling tour of some of the world’s most intriguing spots.

The writing is at times flowery, textural and luxurious, such as the entry for Malaysia’s “Jewel of Kadah,” which serenades the reader with images of the immaculate white-sand beaches of Langkawi and tales of sipping spicy mojitos overlooking the Andaman Sea at the Casa del Mar hotel. And at times, the writing is straightforward and journalistic, documenting hidden gems in faraway cities or providing new perspective on the taken-for-granted daily experiences of life abroad, such as an entry about packaged poi, fresh leis and other uniquely Hawaiian products that can be found in an Oahu Target store.

The Perceptive Travel Blog plays many notes well, arranging crisp stories, compelling photos, useful travel tips and reader engagement into a siren song that will have you longing to go out and explore the world.”

Speaking of siren songs, in honor of the occasion each of us have picked out a few of our favorite respective posts from over the years, a travel potpourri running the gamut of living it up in Waikiki without paying for it, rafting the river border of Slovakia and Poland, and the search for the earthquake capital of the world, to a post-divorce trip in Puerto Rico and story of a musical connection between Indiana and India.

Thanks to all involved in the 2013 SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas competition, and congrats again to our fellow winners.

Tim LeffelTim Leffel, Editor

Food of Eastern Europe (Hope You’re Hungry)

Rafting the River Border Between Slovakia and Poland

More on Tim Leffel here



Kerry Kerry Dexter, Contributor

Mysterious Scotland: Calanais

Ireland in Music: Four Voices

India Meets Indiana: A Musical Connection


LizLiz Lewis, Contributor

Looking for the Earthquake Capital of the World

Snakes, Spiders, and Monsters in Wine Country

To Jump or Not to Jump, In Queenstown, That is the Question

SheilaSheila Scarborough, Contributor

When They Say There’s Nothing to See, Dig Deeper

How to Enjoy Historic Waikiki Hotels Even If You Can’t Afford to Stay There

Am I Asking Too Much of US Budget Lodging?


BrianBrian Spencer, Contributor

How to Cross the Thailand-Laos Border Via the Friendship Bridge, Starting in Bangkok

Life and Nobility in Kandy’s British Garrison Cemetery

The Thai Galaxy Street Basketball Challenge


AlisonAlison J. Stein, Contributor

My Volcano Obsession

Fins, Naturally Attached

Revisiting Puerto Rico



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