Air New Zealand wants to send one keen adventurer on assignment to Antarctica

Antarctica: Emperor Penguins at Scott Base

Love to travel?

Consider yourself a budding explorer?

Are you passionate about nature and the environment?

Then Air New Zealand and National Geographic might just have the perfect assignment for you – two unforgettable weeks in Antarctica.

First you would be flown to the International Antarctic Center in Christchurch, New Zealand where you’ll meet up with National Geographic photographer Jason Edwards and discover what goes on behind the scenes at the Antarctic research facilities and meet key research partners.

Then it’s off to Antarctica and New Zealand’s Scott Base.

Here, you’ll be observing the researchers, experiencing day-to-day life on ‘the Ice’, and using your storytelling skills to create a voice for Antarctica through photos, video, social media networking, and blogging.

Competition will be tough for this once-in-a-lifetime, money can’t buy opportunity.

According to Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon, “the best suited candidate will have a passion for the environment and want to play a role in building awareness of the efforts we all need to make to better protect the world we live in. Strong communication skills are a must along with a healthy respect for the difficult operating conditions in Antarctica,”

Still interested?

Then here’s what you have to do.

Choose one of the two 30-second entry videos posted on the Voice for Antarctica site and write or record a voiceover to accompany the video.

They are looking for a natural communicator so play to your strengths and let your personality shine through.

Along with the video component, you also have to provide a written submission (no more than 300 words) explaining why you should be selected for this assignment.

Entries will be accepted up until 5pm NZT on November 7th.

All eligible entries will go through the judging panel with a short list of up to six finalists chosen. Those on the short list will all be interviewed, with a final judging panel selecting one winner based on the following criteria; personality, skills, passion for the environment, and creativity.

Here’s hoping that it’s a Perceptive Travel reader that meets all the criteria and becomes Air New Zealand’s ‘keen adventurer’.

(image by  eliduke via flickr)


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