New Zealand for the Armchair Traveler

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Discover the essence of New Zealand’s landscape and dream of future trips with these ‘armchair travel’ reads.

The 1 Thing  by Bob Moore (2006)

The-1-ThingBob Moore, a Wellington-based Englishman, traversed every kilometre of State Hwy 1 (NZ’s national drag) then wrote about. The result – a highly entertaining and informative journey through New Zealand‘s heartlands that reads like a series of postcards from a quirky travel friend. Bob’s uninhibited thoughts and conversations with locals meet along the way are interspersed with historic facts and entertaining attempts to transliterate town names.

The 1 Thing is a must read for anyone who’s contemplating or even just dreaming of a road trip through New Zealand

Long Cloud Ride by Josie Dew (2008)

Long-Cloud-RideRoaming British cyclist (and cook) Josie Dew spent 9 months cycling 10,000 kilometers around New Zealand’s North and South Island. The Long Cloud Ride chronicles her adventures as she pedals through the countryside during on the country’s wettest, windiest, and stormiest years.

A Land of Two Halves by Joe Bennett (2005)

A-Land-of-Two-HalvesA tale of hitchhiking around New Zealand from English ex-pat and Christchurch based author Joe Bennett. Vivid descriptions of what hitching can be really be like are interspersed with clear definitions of the differences between the North and South Island.

Kiwis Might Fly by Polly Evans (2004)

kiwis-might-fly-polly-evansHaving read a survey that ‘claimed the ordinary Kiwi bloke was about to turn up the toes of his gumboots…’ and move to the city, Polly Evans decided to take a motorbike trip around New Zealand to find out for herself if this was true. Her quest – to find out if the ordinary Kiwi bloke had all but disappeared?

What evolves is a laid back, laugh out loud road trip through the cities and countryside of New Zealand as Polly invites us to join her as she learns to master the beast (the motorcycle) and search out the nearly extinct Kiwi bloke.

Kiwi Tracks: A New Zealand Journey by Andrew Stevenson (1999)

368981Originally published in 1999 and re-jacketed in 2005, Kiwi Tracks by seasoned globetrotter Andrew Stevenson continues to be one of Lonely Planet’s best-selling travel narratives. Tossing on a backpack and traveling light, Andrew treks along some of New Zealand’s most pristine walking tracks, exploring the land and people with humor and insight.

New boots in New Zealand by Gillian Orrell (2012)

large_9780908988891Subtitled Nine Great Walks, three islands & one tramping virgin, this book is a high entertaining, laugh out loud, account of author Gillian Orrell’s solo journey along all of New Zealand’s nine walks, one after the other, in the space of a couple of months.

Anyone who has ever dreamed of even walking just one of these walks should read this book.

It will transport you, so much so, that you could easy feel that you are just one muddy step away from New Zealand wilderness.


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