Coffee surpasses sex as the ideal wake-up call for global travelers


A newly commissioned survey by Le Méridien Hotels & Resorts that spills the beans on the coffee habits of frequent travelers coffee habits makes for fascinating reading.

Over half of the 7000 plus coffee drinkers from 6 different countries (United States, Dubai, China, France, Germany, and India) who took part in a telephone survey said that they preferred coffee to sex as the ideal wake-up call.

More revealing, at least to the hotel industry, is that almost three-quarters of the respondents would give forsake in-room TV, internet, and alcohol at a hotel in exchange for a perfect cup of coffee.

Many hotel chains had already cottoned on to the fact that travelers like their morning coffee and routinely provide single cup coffee machines in hotel rooms to accommodate the need.

But there’s coffee and then, there is coffee.

And as any dedicated coffee lover knows, the pre-packaged coffee that’s provided by most hotel chains will never evolve into a ‘perfect cup of coffee’.

For that, you need fresh beans and the human touch.

Usually the only place to find that is outside the hotel. Savvy coffee drinking travelers use social media sites such as Barista Exchange to find great coffee shops in the local vicinity.

But with new initiatives such as the recently launched Le Méridien Master Barista program, this might soon change.

The basis of this program – providing a dedicated coffee expert committed to creating a quintessential European café and breakfast culture at every one of it’s hotels around the world – might just lead the way to a new dawn for dedicated coffee drinking travelers.


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