Ethiopia, Timor-Leste, and Ted Turner’s Ranch

Mursi Ethiopia

The September 2013 issue of Perceptive Travel webzine just went live and we’ve got another collection of great travel stories, this time from three continents.

You’ll laugh at the absurdity of James Dorsey’s visit to a remote Mursi tribe village in Ethiopia, where visitors are only allowed in if they have ample cash to spend on each and every photo—getting a few bruises in the process. See The Mursi, Money, and Mayhem.

Judith Fein didn’t want much to do with nature and all the scary things that live outside a city. But then she visited the 593,000-acre Vermejo Park Ranch in the great American West. See How Ted Turner Helped Me Fall in Love With Nature.

Michael Buckley heads off to Timor-Leste, an embattled land where most foreigners there are working for some charity, to dive below the surface in the coral gardens. But where are all the big fish? See Diving Into Timor-Leste.

We’ve got travel book reviews as usual, with William Caverlee cracking open some new ones, including an expletive-filled guide “for the Young, Sexy, and Broke.”

Graham Reid brings us four new world music albums from around the globe as well. travel prize

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