Nebraska – not what you were expecting

Downtown Omaha Nebraska (courtesy Pat Hawks at Flickr CC)

Downtown Omaha Nebraska (courtesy Pat Hawks at Flickr CC)

The U.S. Midwest is a bit of a mystery to me; I’ve traveled up and down the coasts and across the southern/southwestern parts of the country, but haven’t spent much time exploring what a fellow Navy friend of mine calls “all those square states.”

After a few recent trips to places that I thought I knew from the past, but have since been reborn in unexpected ways, I’m even more open to having my travel assumptions blown up.

That’s what happened when I watched the short, breathtaking video below about Nebraska (credit to a tweet from Muriel in North Platte NE that piqued my curiosity.)

Turning the derogatory phrase “flyover country” on its head, the video shows – yes, okay – flat land, fields and farm views, but I had no idea about the rugged and unexpected western parts of Nebraska. In one of the video shots, I really thought I was looking at Monument Valley. The driving instrumental music adds a sense of grandeur and possibility.

Now, I think I need to visit Nebraska….and that’s not a sentence I thought I’d write until this video.

Here’s the direct link to the Nebraska video on YouTube, if you can’t see the embed box below.

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