The August edition of Perceptive Travel webzine

Heretics, bats, and bananas feature in the latest edition of Perceptive Travel webzine.  Combined, they would be a strange trio, but featured independently, each of these subjects makes fascinating reading.


Samuel Jay Keyser discovers the story behind the Heretics on the Cathedral in Como, Italy. Unlike most other cathedrals around the world which feature statues of well known Christians, the Como Cathedral has chosen to honor two ‘hometown boys’ – the fact that they were both heretics was neither here nor there.


In Florida, Gillain Kendall goes off the beaten path with a wayward bat. Once a sick and scrawny baby bat, it had been nursed back to health at the Wildlife Inc rehabilitation center and now it was time for it spread it wings and go back to the wild in a bayside spot on Anna Maria Island.



In The Fruit of the Empire in the Banana Republics, Richard Arghiris meets up with world-renowned banana expert Clyde Stephens in Panama’s Bocas del Toro province to learn about the history and the fate of the United Fruit Company, a once giant empire that fed bananas to the world.

As for this month’s world music reviews, Laurence Mitchell covers four albums featuring Tex-Mex border music, retro calypso out of Berlin, non-flamenco Spanish folk, and modern chamber music.

And in the monthly travel book reviews, Susan Griffith focuses on the topics of age and wisdom, reviewing first a book by Daniel Klein (Travels with Epicurus) that compares the ways of growing older in rural Greece and America, and then a book by Hilary Linstead and Elisabeth Davies (Growing Old Outrageously) about a pair of seventy-somethings traveling the world ‘outrageously’.

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Happy reading.

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