Life is But a Dream by Dali

The Dali Museum is itself a surreal discovery in St. Petersburg, Florida. The largest collection of Dali paintings in the United States, the second in the world? Did Dali live in the Tampa area? I have written a little about the artist, and so I knew that he’d spent some time in the United States, but I still couldn’t quite picture that.

Dali Museum

It was about a million degrees outside and roughly 300% humidity when I arrived at the museum with a friend. (Well under a ten minute walk from the hotel, but my goodness, Florida in late June, you sure ain’t kidding around. I summoned a cab for the return.)

I revived with a Jai Alai IPA, from the local Cigar City Brewing, and then dove into the Dali dream.

My favorite image of the day had a very long title: Three Young Surrealist Women Holding in their Arms the Skins of an Orchestra 1936. The women in question have faces made of flowers, one is holding a melting white piano, the sky is appealingly blue, a wind is apparently blowing. I thought I’d buy a postcard of the painting, but it just doesn’t reproduce well at postcard size, so I decided just to keep the image in my mind.

Or maybe in my dreams.

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