Visit almost all the UNESCO World Heritage sites…in one day

Currently there are 962 UNESCO designated sites – 745 of them are cultural heritage sites, 188 natural heritage sites, and the remainder a mixture of the two.

And with the UNESCO World Heritage committee meeting this week in Cambodia to consider 31 new heritage site listings, the total number of World Heritage sites could soon be nearing a 1000.

In reality, it would take a lifetime (and then some) for even the most determined traveler to visit them all.  Although, if, according to one travel agency, if you had a couple of years and a million or so dollars to spare, they could set up you up on The World Heritage Tour.

Even if I had that sort of money and time, I’m not sure I’d put my hand up for this tour. Given the heritage sites are spread out all over the world, you’d be in a constant state of travel. Sure, business class travel and luxury accommodation would take the edge off, but even that would get old quick as you sprint your way through 157 countries around the world.

It sounds just way too exhausting.

There is an easier (and cheaper) way.

Thanks to Fotopedia and the UNESCO World Heritage Center, you could actually visit, abet virtually, almost all the amazing UNESCO heritage sites…in one day.

The free Fotopedia Heritage app, designed for the iPhone and iPad, features over 20,000 amazing photographs, fascinating facts, entertaining stories, interactive maps, and the ability to save and share favorite sites.

It’s the perfect way to get around the world and to plot out which sites you really would, if you had the time and the money, make an effort to go and see.

(photo image of Venice @Liz Lewis 2010)


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