Need a Toilet? There’s an App for that

When you gotta go, you gotta go, right?

But as all travelers know, just because you need to go doesn’t mean you know where to go.

In the days of old, trying to find a toilet in a strange city was hit and miss, asking strangers for directions, praying that they lead you to a place where one could sit rather than squat.

Technology has changed all that. With a click of a button, you can get an App that will locate public toilets wherever you are.

With cute names like Where to Wee, Have2P, and Sit or Squat, these predominately crowdsourced locator apps will save the day when the call of nature hits.

Just enter your location and a map will appear showing the nearest restrooms, often along with cleanliness ratings, and whether free or paying. Many Apps will even let you rate the facility, leave a review, and add new locations, complete with photographs.

There are even destination specific Apps, such as Best Bathrooms (New York City), Toilet Map (Greater London), Show the Loo (Australia),  and CamperMate (New Zealand).

With Apps like these, you’ll never get caught short ever again…

(photo @Liz Lewis 2012)

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