The May edition of Perceptive Travel webzine

This month, the Perceptive Travel webzine stays in the Americas and focuses on coffee beans, creepy crawlies, and a dead end road.

New contributor Carolyn Heller hops the Polar Bear Express train to Moose Factory Island, a place where no roads go in Ontario.  Back in 1673, this isolated place was a base for the Hudson Bay Company fur traders. These days, it’s home to the Cree First Nation who are cautiously courting the tourist dollar.

Down south, deep in the jungle of the Ecuadorian Amazon, Lea Aschkenas gets a deeper understanding of why sometimes it’s better to go nude as she tries to come to terms with downpours, bugs, and vistiing creatures.

And Perceptive Travel editor Tim Leffel goes inside the coffee farms across Central America and Colombia in search of a great cup of Joe.

Graham Reid covers this month’s World Music Reviews, featuring albums by the blind Sierra Leona singer Kondi, Indian slide guitarist Bhattacharya, a West African soul classics collection by Maloko, and  hypnotic Sahara blues by Alhossesini Anivolla.

And in this month’s Travel Book Reviews, William Caverlee features the Lonely Planet’s Food Guide to the World, a book by photographer Nick Brandt of stunning sepia-toned, black-and-white African wildlife photographs, and an engaging and rivetting travelogue/memoir by sea kayaker Nigel Foster.

As for this month’s giveaway, there’s a whole set of lightweight gear from Sea to Summit up for grabs. The winner gets a Travelling Light Day Pack, Travelling Light See Pouches, Travelling Light Travel Wallet and Travelling Light Laundry bag. The Ultra-Sil Day Pack pictured to the right is one of editor Tim’s favorites. It packs down into a mini stuff sack.

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Happy reading.

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