Oh Canada

I’m about to get an annual fix of Canadian information at the Canada Media Marketplace, an event sponsored by the Canadian Tourism Commission, designed to familiarize U.S. travel media with our neighbors to the north.

Canada is a familiar territory here on Perceptive Travel. Just recently, Sheila made maple candy in Edmonton, Kerry wrote beautifully about Cape Breton. As for me, I went through a big Toronto phase a little while ago, which I find to be a great city to shop for accessories.

I have a hat from Liliput that I still get compliments on, because it complements my big giant head. One of my favorite museums anywhere is Toronto’s Bata Shoe Museum. (As a sidenote, I’m actually pretty amused at how my thoughts of men have changed in the just over two years since I wrote about Bata. I actually thought about how men accessorize as an intellectual exercise. Now I think about men much more, and in a much different way.)  Shoes are intensely political though, and I intend to cover the next U.S. presidential election solely on that basis.

I’ve encountered pink critters in Calgary ,the Titanic, surrounded by ducks, in Halifax, and that’s before I got really surreal in Vancouver.  I look forward to my next encounters north of the border.


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