A sweet graveyard for discontinued flavors

Every year, like clockwork, the Vermont based Ben & Jerry Ice Cream Company introduces new (and often strange and unique) ice cream flavors to tempt the taste buds.

But to make room for these new flavors, older flavors are often relegated to the discontinued pile.

Many of these discontinued ice cream flavors were greatly loved and, for some ice cream aficionados, sadly missed.

So I guess it makes sense that Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Company has created a flavor graveyard for their discontinued ice cream flavors.

After all, graveyards are places where the dearly departed are laid to rest.

Still, you have to admit, it seems kind of bizarre.

You can find the Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard high on a hill, just behind the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Waterbury, Vermont.

For the most part, it looks like any other graveyard, complete with picket fence and tombstones.

But as soon as you start reading the epitaphs on the tombstones you remember that this isn’t quite your average graveyard.

Here is just a few long lost but not forgotten flavors that have been laid to rest:

Peanuts! Popcorn!

‘Peanuts, Popcorn! Mix ‘em in a pot! Plop ‘em in your ice cream! Well, maybe not.’


Tennessee Mud

‘the bottle is empty, the cup, and the glass. Mud with Jack Daniels was not meant to last’


Cool Britannia

‘a flavor so smashing- & yet it fouled out; Strawberries & shortbread – a love match devout. But sadly it missed all the fame it deserved, a bit too much English put into the serve’.


Wander around if you dare, but just beware – the ghosts of ice cream pasts might just stir up memories, both good and bad.

(image by kathryn rotondo via flickr)


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