Now We Are Six: Happy Birthday to Perceptive Travel Blog

Birthday party goodies (courtesy abarefoot at Flickr CC)

Birthday party goodies (courtesy abarefoot at Flickr CC)

Six years ago today, we launched the Perceptive Travel blog with three writers and this opening post by founder and editor Tim Leffel:  A New Kind of Travel Blog.

The goal was – and is – for a diverse group of writers to bring you a mix of stories that you won’t find anywhere else; quirky places, interesting experiences and the occasional how-to post to help make travel more enjoyable (because, hey, sometimes you just want to know a better way to pack a carry-on suitcase.)

Huge thanks to our readers, supporters and subscribers; did you know that 385,00 unique visitors have stepped through our virtual doors since March 2007? Wow, I hope we brought enough cake for everyone!

Here’s the analytics chart below if you want to see what hundreds of thousands of readers looks like; THANK you for being here with us.

Unique visitors to Perceptive Travel Blog as of 2013 six years after launch

Unique visitors to Perceptive Travel Blog as of 2013 six years after launch

To celebrate the big day, I asked my fellow PT Blog authors which posts stand out for them, plus we have a goodie giveaway below!

—->>  From Tim in Florida (via Tennessee and Mexico) and the guy who herds all of the cats:

**  Native American food in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and

**  Through doors in Romania

—->>  From Liz in New Zealand, who always gets to post early because she has an unfair time zone advantage 🙂

**  Looking for the Earthquake Capital of the World:  she says it’s “the result of a road trip I took to escape the continuous tremors and quakes that Christchurch was still experiencing at the time.”

**  Finding the Silver Lining in Oslo, Norway: from “dealing with my mother’s unexpected illness while on a Baltic cruise.”

—->>  From Alison in New York, the only PT blogger I’ve actually met in person besides Tim….

**  Visiting a Ghost Town in New Mexico: she says, “I’ve traveled a lot in the past nine months, but when I visited Kelly, it was the first time since time since my [marital] separation that I went somewhere and felt that ‘click’ of imagination — the one that makes me feel like writing. Obviously I wasn’t exactly jolly, but it was a major relief to feel inspired again.”

**  Travel Writing and “The Truth”: she says, “This is a bit meta/inside baseball, but I think about this sort of thing a lot.”

—->>  From Brian in Singapore:

**  The Thai Galaxy Street Basketball Challenge: he says, “During my first temporary residency stint in Bangkok, I stumbled into a small clique of friends and casual acquaintances who regularly convened at a small arcade in the Big C supermarket to ‘shoot hoops’ on one of two Galaxy Street Basketball machines. I’m still amazed at how seriously they took it — and the scores they were capable of racking up. This post touches on that experience, culminating with my participation in an official Galaxy Street Basketball tournament.”

**  The Photo Shoot: he says, “The more you travel, the more silly photo-taking sessions by your fellow travelers you encounter; this was easily one of the more entertaining ones I’ve ever seen.”

—->>  From Kerry who is sort  of a James Bond of world music; we’re never quite sure where she is physically located but we know it’s probably at a concert:

**  Ireland in music: four voices that give listeners a more complete appreciation of the diversity of great Irish music.

**  A different sort of travel reading: the ties between poetry and travel.

And Now, A Birthday Giveaway

We have two items to give away to help celebrate our sixth birthday, and fans of Pinterest (digital photo boards) should like this….

Item #1:  Any one of our short-sleeved Perceptive Travel t-shirts (go to this page to see all of our PT goodies,) and

Item #2:  A copy of the 4th edition of Tim’s super-helpful travel guidebook The World’s Cheapest Destinations.

All you have to do to get a chance at one of them is to pin one of your favorite Perceptive Travel photos to one of your Pinterest boards in the next week, before midnight CST on Thursday, March 28. We’ll do two random drawing from all the new pins; one for the t-shirt and one for the guidebook.

Prizes will ship the last week of April, and thank you so much for supporting us for six whole years!

(Hat tip for the blog post title to A.A. Milne’s book of children’s poetry “Now We Are Six,” which introduces Winnie the Pooh and the beloved Hundred Acre Wood characters.)

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