Indie Designer Shopping in Portland

Well, it all started out with good intentions: go to The Hazel Room, get some tea, work on a few stories I had due that day. (Or overdue, whatever.)

The day went awry when I needed to go to the ladies’ — which, as it happens, one accesses through a boutique called Mag-Big.  It’s a store that showcases Portland, Oregon-based designers.


Mag-Big in Portland

The clerk told me there were over 600 designers represented in the store, and as it happens she had plenty of time to talk to me because I started trying on jewelry and couldn’t stop.

Onto the counter, almost without my conscious thought, appeared two necklaces and two pairs of earrings. All together the tab under $200, which isn’t bad — but it still made it an unexpectedly expensive trip to the restroom.

Well played, Mag-Big, well played.

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