5 low-octane Adventures in Queenstown, New Zealand

If a recent Fodor’s blog post is anything to go by, Queenstown and high-octane adventure seem to go hand in hand. But there really is more to Queenstown than simply hair raising, adrenalin pumping action. There is also plenty of low-octane, relaxing adventures to be had that don’t require nerves of steel.

A cruise around the lake

Hop aboard the TSS Earnslaw for a sedate trip around Lake Wakitipu.

This vintage coal-burning steamship was once the lifeline and workhorse for farming communities, ferrying people and transporting supplies and feed to those living alongside Lake Wakatipu.

These days, it’s mission is a lot less taxing. Mostly it can be seen puffing it’s way to and from the Walter Peak High Country Farm where passengers can disembark and check out a working New Zealand farm operation and enjoy high tea, lunch, or BBQ on the decks of the old Homestead .

A road trip to paradise         

With a crystal clear lake on one side and snow-capped mountains on the other, the drive along the steep and narrow road to Glenorchy is, in itself, a little touch of paradise. But if you keep on driving, you will actually find the small town of Paradise.

A walk among the dead

Wander around the local cemetery located on the hilly slope at the bottom of Bob’s Peak and learn about some of the early residents of Queenstown.

A bird’s eye view

You don’t have to jump off a bridge or a mountain to get a bird’s eye view of Queenstown. A gentle gondola ride up Bob’s Peak provides just as many spectacular views of Queenstown and it’s surrounds without any of the stress that bungy jumping or zip lining can cause.

Armchair wine tasting

There’s a little wine bar in the heart of Queenstown that provides just about all the comforts of home. Complete with leather armchairs and fireplace, it’s a perfect place to take a wine tour of over 80 award wining New Zealand wines, without moving very far from the armchair. Combine this with a delicious cheese board and you might never want to leave.

(photos @Liz Lewis)




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