Get spooked this Valentines Day

Love it or hate it, Valentines Day is almost impossible to avoid. And if you’re out of the road, alone, it can be down right depressing.

The Grumpy Traveller points out that there still a few places – a monastery, desert barn, or mountain cave – where you’ll not to be surrounded by couples clutching roses and chocolates.

But why go to that extreme when there’s an easier and more entertaining way of enjoying Valentines Day on the road.

Just find out where the ghosts are hiding. After all, every city has some.

And with love being a classic ingredient in any good ghost story, you’ll soon be discovering the city’s lovelorn past, complete with tales of secret love, lust, murder, and illicit sex.

Some cities and towns just ignore their ghosts and hauntings. But some turn them into works of art, providing ghost tours that both romanticize and electrify.

So why not step into the past this Valentines Day and experience fascinatingly haunting love stories.

Here’s just a few Valentine Day Ghost Tours that will make it a night to remember.

In Philadelphia, love never dies. Least that’s what the Valentines Day Ghost Tour tries to showcase, with ghostly tales that veer from romantic and passionate to cold-hearted and scandalous.

Or you can wander the streets of haunted gangland Chicago with a special My Bloody Valentines Day Massacre Tour. The tour covers many of Chicago’s most famous sites related to Al Capone and other mobsters.

Across the ditch, in Liverpool, a special Valentines Day themed ghost tour, led by a corpse bride and groom, looks at the city’s tempestuous past while promising a little romance and a lot of fright.

And further south, in Sydney, Australia, there’s a special ghost tour focuses on love, murder and mayhem with the goal of ‘scaring the socks’ off anyone brave enough to tag along.

And if that doesn’t spook you, then there’s always a haunted hotel with a ghost or two.


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