Travel really is good for your health

I was feeling a little guilty yesterday after going to a Flight Centre Travel Expo. Despite promising myself that I would only pick up one or two brochures on places that I was definitely planning on visiting this year, I ended up bringing home a bag full of travel brochures offering tempting and exotic locations to explore.

Then today I read (via Wanderlust) about The Holiday Health Experiment, a new study that claims that travel is not only healthy but might also be a key to longevity.

Suddenly the guilt disappeared.

After all, if travel equates to good health, then surely multiple travels should equate to exceptional health.

This case-study based Holiday Health Experiment was conducted by UK based Kuoni Holidays and Nuffield Health last year with the goal of examining and quantifying the ‘feel good factor’ that holidays appear to create

Twelve participants were chosen from a large pool of applicants.

They all went through rigorous physiological and psychological testing that would include an extensive health assessment, advanced resilience testing, and a series of psychotherapist lead counseling sessions.

And then six of them were sent on a free two week holiday, complements of Kuoni Holiday while the other six stayed home.

Following the holiday or non-holiday as the case may be, they all went through another set of medical and psychological tests.

It’s a no brainer to figure out which group felt better at the end.

On average, those who went away had more improved sleep, lower blood pressure, reduced blood glucose levels, improved energy levels and mood, and improved body shapes. (full results)

Of course, the study doesn’t show how fast your body returns to it’s pre-stress levels once back at work. But it does highlight the fact that there is science to back up the idea that holidays are good for your health.

Wonder if the Boss and the bank manager will buy it.


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