Not All Mexicans


Allow me to offer a translation of sentiment. This was how you expressed an opinion on a nationality 75 years ago:

Not all Mexicans are picturesque Indians in big straw hats.

There is actually a group of what, for want of a pleasing term, must be called “society”. This always seems to come as news to the average American traveller who, on entering a drawing room in Mexico City and finding it full of smartly dressed people talking much as people talk in all the drawing-rooms of the world, is invariably overcome with astonishment. “But how sophisticated!” he is sure to cry out in amazement.

-Vogue, 1937, as seen at Museo Frida Kahlo.

Whereas today, you talk about things like a concern over safety and violence, while overlooking facts such as these:

  • Mexico is a relatively safe Latin American country. The main threats come in areas where drug gangs operate, particularly along the US-Mexico border and in Sinaloa.
  • Mexico’s domestic risk ratings have remained generally stable.
  • [Tourism to] Mexico continues to suffer… [from] negative reputational risk.

Latin American Monitor, January 2012.

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