Weird and wonderful theme hotels around the world

Bored with conventional hotels? Then maybe it’s time to explore the wackier side of life with a stay in one of the many over the top theme hotels and motels around the world.

From the garish but fun cave like Madonna Inn on California’s Central Coast where each and every room is an explosion of color and unique design (and is probably the only place in the world where I asked to have a look at the men’s restroom with its infamous waterfall urinal) to the more stark and minimalist Jailhouse Hotel in Christchurch, New Zealand, there is a theme hotel to suit everyone.

Need more convincing? Then what about…

The Shady Dell

Fans of the TV series ‘My Name is Earl’ will love this collection of vintage aluminum trailers in Bisbee, Arizona. Each of the nine themed trailers will transport back to the days of I Love Lucy, the Rat Pack, and Route 66.

The Library Hotel

A must for booklovers, the Library Hotel in New York City has floors arranged by the Dewey Decimal System, with guests being able to choose a room based on their reading interests

The Pavillion Hotel

Become a celebrity in your own mind in this self-labeled ‘fashion rock n’ roll’ hotel located near London’s Hyde Park. A popular location for fashion shots, at the Pavillion Hotel you just never know who you might run into during your stay.

The Jumbo Hotel

Sleeping on a plane takes on a whole new meaning at Stockholm’s Jumbo Hotel. One of the only grounded planes at Arlanda Airport, this decommissioned Boeing 747 has been outfitted as a 27-bed hostel, complete with bar, café, and mini conference room.

To find more weird, wacky, but wonderful hotels around the world, check out the Unusual & Unique Hotels of the World website. There’s bound to be one there that’s just right for you.




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