The January Edition of Perceptive Travel webzine

Just when you think narrative travel writing couldn’t get any better, editor Tim Leffel starts off the new year at Perceptive Travel with a hiss and a roar, with feature articles focusing on extreme eating, dealing with dust in the Sahara, and graffiti in the Azores.

If this is just a taste of what’s in store for Perceptive Travel webzine in 2013, then it’s going to be another great year for armchair travellers.


“I could only see his eyes but I knew Muhammad was smiling. The crinkled creases at the corners of his eyes gave him away. He’d just finished telling me the legend behind the origins of the cheche—the six-meter long turban that Muhammad, like the majority of Tuareg men, wore wrapped mummy-style around his head.”

In  ‘Just a Simple Strip of Cloth: Desert Wear in the Sahara’, Jessica Lee explores sand dunes of the southern Sahara and discovers that ‘eating dust’ is not a catchphrase but a reality in some parts of Algeria.


“I watched the other guests dig in, holding the birds by beak and feet while turning them like miniature corn cobs and crunching tiny bones to suck out the marrow. All around me, little beaks protruded from people’s mouths as they sucked brains out of the backs of tiny skulls.”

That’s the first paragraph in James Michael Dorsey’s article ‘A Banquet of Creepy Crawlies in China’.  Having gone to China to deliver medical supplies to a remote hospital in northwestern China, James found himself on the receiving end of an unexpected thank-you banquet, Chinese style.

“Two years ago, in the city of Ponta Delgada in the Azores Islands, a young man who went by the name of Jessie James started a protest against the blank, empty walls of his city. Like artists who preceded him for millennia, he felt the calling to adorn walls and rock surfaces with graffiti art.”

So begins Judith Finn’s journey around this isolated archipelago looking for ‘Public Art in the Azores’.

William Caverlee covers the monthly travel book reviews looking a new Lonely Planet coffee table book, a collection of intercultural essays, and the story of an American family’s journey in China.

And, as usual, Graham Reid examines an eclectic, toe-tapping collection of music in the monthly travel world music review.

As for this month’s giveaway, editor Tim  has lined up a Mountain Khakis Granite Creek travel pants and shirt outfit –  one long-sleeve shirt and one pair of pants. Tim has used the men’s versions and one of his Practical Travel Gear reviewers has tried out the women’s versions., with both gaving them high marks. See more info on these light, quick-dry items at the Mountain Khakis site.

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Happy reading.

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