A year of Perceptive Travel

It’s been quite a year for Perceptive Travel Webzine.

Early in the year, it was awarded a Silver for ‘Best Travel Journalism Website’ at the 2011 North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA) awards.  At the same awards ceremony, many of the stories published by Perceptive Travel webzine also received kudos in the form of gold, silver, and bronze awards (check out this full list of PT award winning stories)

You’d think it wouldn’t get any better than that. But over the past twelve months, editor Tim Leffel has been busy finding even more potentially ‘award winning stories’ to publish on Perceptive Travel.

The PT writers have been all over the globe – from the banks of the river Jordan to the markets of Buenos Aires – providing invigorating, inspiring, and hugely entertaining travel stories for those of us who appreciate good travel narratives.

Reading Perceptive Travel webzine over these past twelve months has allowed me to walk through ruins in Ireland, travel by rail through Alaska, ride a scooter in Vietnam, bus through Kenya, and take a road trip through the Yukon.

I’ve hunted the scream in Oslo, discovered the ancient art of parahawking in Nepal, learned what to avoid in the wild adventure capital of Mexico, and how to dance with dead in Benin.

It’s been quite an adventure.

Can’t wait to see what Perceptive Travel webzine has in store for me next year.

If you missed or want to relive any of these great Perceptive Travel adventures, check out the archives for links to the 2012 stories (and links to stories for the past six years)

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