Giving some respect to Flyover Country

Flyover country from the air (courtesy Joe Shlabotnik at Flickr CC)

Flyover country from the air (courtesy Joe Shlabotnik at Flickr Creative Commons)

“Oh! You did NOT use that phrase ‘flyover country,’ did you? I haven’t had my donut yet!!” joked a Kansas City guy to me.

“I gotta call it as some of your prospective visitors unfortunately see it,” I responded.

One of the things that all of us enjoy about writing for this blog is the opportunity to highlight places and happenings that are overlooked in the usual travel media outlets. As a Texas resident, for example, I’m bemused by all the gushing articles about Austin in most print travel magazines – often the only time they ever cover Texas. It is as though the editors are amazed when they find someplace “cool” in the U.S. that isn’t on the East or West Coast.

For being as sophisticated as they think they are, their world view is strikingly provincial.

I dug around in our archives to bring to light a few posts you might have missed about unheralded “flyover country” – y’all come visit!

**  In Kansas: a world-class space museum, the Cosmosphere, has artifacts from Liberty Bell 7 and it also houses the original Apollo 13 Command Module Odyssey.

**  In Jackson, Mississippi: extraordinary restoration projects like those restoring musical history in the light of a new day on Farish Street.

**  In Michigan:  some mighty sand dunes.

**  In Nevada: going vegan in Las Vegas

**  In Arizona: Frank Lloyd Wright’s humble desert palace at Taliesin West (from our parent webzine Perceptive Travel)

**  In Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: two luxury hotels you shouldn’t miss.

**  Eureka Springs, Arkansas:  Ozarks architectural landmark Thorncrown Chapel

**  New Mexico: Otherworldly sights at White Sands National Monument

**  Lexington, Kentucky: these gentlemen farmers have their own 747s along with bourbon and big hats (also in the Perceptive Travel webzine)

**  In Fort Worth, Texas: the city for modern art.

**  Why Chicago, Illinois architecture will blow you away, plus more Chicago photos (you know a river runs through the middle of the city, right?)

**  In a nod to the holiday season, there’s the Christmas Cookie Trail in Hendricks County, Indiana.

What are your favorites that are unknown and overlooked between the U.S. coasts? Let us know down in the comments!

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